YSR Bheema Scheme | Apply Online, Eligibility & Beneficiary List

Every state is introducing new schemes for their citizens that will help them to survive and avail many other facilities. This time we are going to learn about an insurance scheme introduced by the government of Andhra Pradesh that is YSR Bheema Scheme.

This is an insurance scheme that will provide security to the family in an accident. If you want to learn everything like- YSR Bheema Scheme, How To Apply For YSR Bheema Scheme, Eligibility and Beneficiary List then follow this article completely. Let’s get started with a quick overview:)

What Is YSR Bheema Scheme

SchemeYSR Bheema Insurance Scheme
Initiative byGovernment of Andhra Pradesh
BeneficiaryCitizens of Andhra Pradesh
PremiumRs15 per annum
Official Portalhttp://www.bima.ap.gov.in/

Started by the government of Andhra Pradesh, YSR Bheema is a wonderful initiative for the citizens of the state. YSR Bheema is an insurance scheme that will provide security to the poor families in case of an accident. If a citizen dies due to an accident then throughout this scheme, the government will provide the insurance amount to the family of that person. 

The government has announced that 1.41 crore citizens of Andhra Pradesh are going to benefit from this scheme. If we talk about the budget for this insurance scheme then the government has decided a budget of 510 crores for this scheme. The YSR Bheema will cover the insurance of from 1.5 lakhs to 5 lakhs Indian rupees. Insurance amount will be directly deposited to the Bank Account of the beneficiary, within 15 days. The Andhra Pradesh government is also providing Rs10,000 as an instant financial relief to the beneficiary.

If we talk about the premium of this YSR Bheema insurance scheme then the beneficiary has to pay only Rs15 per annum as a premium.

YSR Bheema: Objectives Of This Insurance Scheme

According to the government, the main objective of this insurance scheme is to provide relief to the bereaved families of primary Bread earners in case of their death or disability to mitigate the financial impact due to the sudden loss of the Primary Source of income.

Death or Permanent disability of the main earner of the family due to an accident results in misery to their family with hardship and reduced earnings and excessive medical expenditure. This is why the government has announced this insurance scheme for the citizens of their state.

How To Apply For YSR Bheema Scheme

If you are interested in applying for YSR Bheema then let us tell you that you are not required to do any kind of registration for this scheme. So how will you enroll for this?

If you want to apply for this scheme then follow these steps-

  1. As a door-to-door campaign, volunteers will survey and verify white ration card holders
  2. Secretary of welfare will verify your information, collected from the survey
  3. If the information get verified then the Beneficiary will be selected
  4. After the selection, beneficiary will be asked to open a new bank account with a nominee
  5. Now beneficiary will need to pay the premium of Rs 15 per annum
  6. That’s it.

Benefits Of This Scheme

This YSR Bheema insurance scheme is a wonderful scheme started by the government of Andhra Pradesh or any other states. If you want to know about the benefits then there are many benefits of this scheme. Let’s have a look at all the benefits of this scheme which makes it Wonderful:)

  • Under this scheme, 1.41 crore citizens of the state is going to get benefited
  • It will provide security on the accident to families of Poor and unorganized workers, as an Insurance Scheme
  • The insurance cover of this scheme, that is of from 1.5 lakh to 5 lakh, will be directly deposited to the bank account of the beneficiary
  • This scheme deposits the insurance cover within 15 days
  • Under this scheme, beneficiary will also get Rs10,000 as an instant financial relief
  • The premium of this insurance scheme is very low as only Rs15 per annum

Insurance Coverage Under YSR Bheema Scheme

Age GroupInsurance CoverageIn Case Of
18 to 50Rs 5,00,000Accidental death or permanent disability
51 to 70Rs 3,00,000Accidental death or permanent disability
18 to 50Rs 2,00,000Natural Death
18 to 70Rs 1,50,000Partial permanent disability

Who Can Be Nominee In This Scheme

If you want to add someone as a nominee then here is the list of peoples who can be the nominee under this scheme-

  1. Wife of the beneficiary
  2. 21 year old son
  3. Unmarried daughter
  4. Widowed daughter
  5. Dependent parents
  6. Widowed daughter in law or her children

Eligibility Criteria For This Scheme

The government has announced this scheme with very basic eligibility criteria. Let’s have a look at what are the Eligibility Criteria of YSR Bheema Scheme-

  1. The applicant applying for this scheme must be the permanent resident of Andhra Pradesh
  2. The applicant applying for this scheme must be the White Ration Card Holder.

Required Documents

YSR Bheema is very easy to understand and to get enrolled into this scheme. This scheme was designed keeping in mind that everyone can understand, apply and get benefit from it. This is why the eligibility criteria of this scheme is very simple. Let’s have a look at the required documents for YSR Bheema scheme-

  • White Ration Card
  • Aadhar Card
  • Residence Certificate
  • Income Certificate
  • Bank Account
  • Mobile Number
  • Passport Size Photo

That is it for today readers. If you have any doubt or suggestion then let us know in the comment section.

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