You are currently viewing Rebel 7’s new EP ‘Kaafi Kuch’ Features A Heartfelt Ode To Turbulent Emotions

Rebel 7’s new EP ‘Kaafi Kuch’ Features A Heartfelt Ode To Turbulent Emotions


Rebel 7’s recent release, ‘Kaafi Kuch’, features a very emotional side of the artist as he talks about his personal life and narrates his experience with concerning instances and his distressful thoughts. Released on the 28th of July, the EP contains a very well-paced streamline of sentiments in a perfectly ordered collection of tracks. Other than Rebel 7’s sound, features such as Huzur, Sant, and Vyshakh further complement the theme of the EP with their introspective additions to the emotions the EP delivers.

The collection of 6 tracks, with a runtime of 13 minutes, takes a listener on the journey of walking through the artists’ inner selves and their views on certain incidents. The relatability factor from the conceptual and lyrical side of the EP is by far one of the best in the emo-rap genre of Hip-Hop. Throughout the narration in the project, there is something for everyone to personally resonate with. The production is quite laid-back and further commends the thoughtfulness of the project. Beautiful samples, easy-going drums, and a trap-like essence pave the way for the rhymers to convey themselves.

The Music Video for the title track ‘Kaafi Kuch’

An example of how pensive the creative process of this EP is is the first and the last track, ‘Daur’ and ‘Daur (Flip)’. The fact that the artists switched and narrated each other’s verses while adding a personal perspective is very rare to see in the scene. Rebel 7 showcases his vulnerability and desolate self in the EP, the whole soundscape revolves around his sorrow and despair. He raps about how patient he has been as far as success is concerned and the tiredness he feels as he talks about his musical career. Huzur appeared in every other song, except the title track, and contributed with his mature outlook on things and brought out his personal self while openly talking about his mental state. Sant’s Punjabi verses not only diversified the sound but also further added to the emotional essence the project carries. Vyshakh Prince didn’t hold back from going all out in ‘Naseeb’, a well-executed posse cut, as he rhymed about how he embraces his struggles and appreciates his distinct artistry.

The Cover Art of ‘Kaafi Kuch’ designed by Vyshakh Prince

Another peculiar aspect of the project was the cover art. Vyshakh, who curated the piece, was kind enough to talk to us and explain the thought behind the art. When asked about what the inspiration behind the piece was, Vyshakh said ‘It’s all based on Life. Especially life as an artist. People only experience the body of art, the artist lives the process’. Looking at the various elements it was evident that they combined to form a larger interpretation. Vyshakh further explained, ‘Well the elements convey a lot of different emotions and each one of those thoughts was a direct output of me listening to the project and understanding where those lines come from. The essence of this artwork is the truth and transparency of how we feel. The reason why the color palette is quite monochrome is because it represents our gloom, misery and strife. The colors toned it down, in fact adding the rough sketch added more roughness and grit to it.’


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