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Don’t Lose Your Songwriting Innocence

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Your innocence is a major asset…

One of the things I love about working with young writers and artists is just the innocence they bring to the writing process. They aren’t bitter or jaded. They aren’t worried about what radio will think (this can be good or bad). They just want to write a great song – a great song that THEY love.

It’s easy to become jaded…

Those of us that have been around a while have been rejected and beaten down to the point that many of us come to writing from a cynical viewpoint. “Why bother, this one’s never going to get cut either.” and “Let’s write one more to throw in the black hole.” are actual comments I have heard from co-writers after we finished writing. I fear becoming one of those bitter, cynical writers that complains all the time and is mad at the world because they won’t cut my songs.

Many seasoned writers want to work with writers new to the game…

So, I write with people that encourage me and bring me UP, instead of down. And I actively seek out people that are new to the game. Hopefully, I bring a little wisdom and experience to the table and they bring innocent optimism. If I went into my co-write every day thinking, “80% of my songs never get cut so here we go again”, I wouldn’t be writing for very much longer. I choose to go into my co-write thinking that today could be the day that changes my life. I’m hoping for a hit every day. The innocence in that belief keeps me plodding along toward the goal line even when times are tough.

If you’ve started to taste the bitter taste of music business flavored cynicism in your mouth, I would encourage you to rinse with a little innocent optimism and write on.

Write On! ~Marty


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